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Diwali Festival celebration at National Grid's Hicksville Operations Center. Diwali (or Festival of Lights) is an ancient Indian & Hindu holy day. For a better description, see
2007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0012007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0022007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0032007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0042007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0052007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0062007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0072007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 008-cr1-8x102007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 008-cr22007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0082007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 009-cr1-8x102007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0092007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 011-cr1-8x102007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0112007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 012-cr1-8x102007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0122007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 013-cr1-8x102007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0132007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 0142007-11-06 KALA-Diwali 015-cr1-8x10

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